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Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
a charlie manson message board. "hey, guys, let's not get off topic. you want to talk about 'live with kelly and michael' that's a different board. you have to keep the conversation here manson related." >> in my opinion, adopting mandatory federal government background checks for purely private transactions between law abiding citizens puts u inexoray on the path for a itself registration. >> it is not currently proposed but if the bill being considered were adopted, it would puttous that path. >> jon: what about the path we are actually on now? i believe it's at the corner of carnage road and bang-bang boulevard. you're saying we can't turn off because the exit ramp might merge into a government registry off ramp that could, if you go far enough down and on, i don't know, stalin avenue or hitler way, or worse the l.i.e., which really, really is bad? but nothing embodied yesterday's cynical exercise in disingenuous debate more than this next line of argument. >> i believe we should not restrict transactions between law-abiding citizens, especially when we will not prevent such transactions
Apr 28, 2013 7:45am EDT
into newspaper. then i went to go visit him specifically on the day where i knew that charlie manson's relatives or friends would visit him and it than it was in a big open lunch room with no glass, nothing between us and i didn't sleep much the night before because i thought it was possible he could basically dive across the table and grabbed my neck and he had a trigger temper. so i just wanted to make sure i didn't say anything to make him angry. i also wasn't allowed to bring in more than 10 sheets of paper. i wasn't allowed to wear an underwire because i had to go through the the metal detector in case it could be used as a weapon. i couldn't bring in a pen. i had had to take it apart and look at it to make sure there was nothing inside like drugs or something like that. i have to think quite a lot about what i wanted to ask him. i've really had to get myself you now emotionally prepared and i basically read through all kinds of documentation that i got through his parents, mother and sisters. interviewed all of them and interviewed attorneys. i have course bonded with him and interviewed a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)